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Sailing Cargo Ship ‘Tres Hombres’
visits Brixham

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  By: TransOceanic Wind Transport
Date : 13-10-2011

The first sailing cargo ship for a generation, the "Tres Hombres", will tie up on Brixham – winds permitting – on 15th October. In a daring new venture to rediscover ocean shipping by sail, Captain Jorne Langelaan will complete the journey from the Caribbean to Exeter with a cargo of Fair Trade Produce, and on 20th will carry Exeter beer to Brittany. The visit will be welcomed by the Transition Towns in their work with communities to grow a resilient low carbon economy and society.

Local officials will attend a round table discussion about the future of sail freight with Transition luminary Rob Hopkins, sailor and author of "Working Traditional Sail" Michael Emmett, and local environmentalists and community representatives, on Tuesday October 18th.

Local caterers will be invited on board on 16th October for a rum tasting to sample the (CO2-free) Gran Añejo Dominican rum in the "Tres Hombres" cargo. Exeter Brewery's organic Avocet Ale will then be loaded on the "Tres Hombres" to be shipped to Brittany in France on the 20th of October where she is expected just a few days after leaving Britain.

The trip is organized by Trans Oceanic Wind Transport (TOWT), a sailing freight transport company that offers a concrete and alternative solution to the problems of shipping greenhouse emissions and liquid fuel price hikes. It shows that the 4% of world emissions due to ocean shipping – more than all UK's cars – can be dramatically reduced by applying modern technology to the old tradition of great tall ships.

The "Tres Hombres" has no engines and travels only by sail.



Further information
If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview, please call or send an email to Guillaume Le Grand : 07722 486 995 |

The "Tres Hombres" is a schooner brigantine, built during the war, abandoned to rot, and refitted using modern sail technology.

"Tres Hombres" spokesman Guillaume (pronounced 'Gyome') Le Grand says:
"The shipping industry is currently ill-equipped to cope efficiently with the challenges of the 21st Century." Giant container carriers use as much fossil fuel energy as a small power station, and 16 of them "can produce as much lung-clogging sulphur pollution as all the world's cars….Cheap energies will last only a few more years, as the wind will take over…The objective is not only to leverage classical shipping as a way to protect our future, but also to invest in modern tall ships."

Fair Transport Rum
Gran Anejo Dominican rum "matured in American oak barrels in a solera, the smooth nose of this unique rum is very convincing. The slightly sweet taste of fruit and cocoa unfolds strongly before giving way to a full-bodied after-taste with a fine note of wood." Every 70 cl bottle carries an A Class fair transport label; it has crossed the Atlantic CO2 free in the hold of the sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres. Price list from

From Topsham to Brixham: what future for the historical Port of Exeter?
The initial schedule was to moor the "Tres Hombres" in eco-friendly Exeter-Topsham, which has showed a great interest for this clean sail-shipping project. Exeter, once a dynamic port, is not one anymore. With the river Exe silted up, lorries only supply a city that has now turned its back to the ocean. Nobody was ready to take up the challenge of towing the "Tres Hombres" up the river Exe as far as Topsham. Read more about this topic here.

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