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Transoceanic Crossing by Sail for CO2 Emission-Free Shipping
  By: TransOceanic Wind Transport
Date : 15-09-2011

The sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres will reach Exeter on the 14th/15th of October 2011 with commercial cargo from the Caribbean on board destined for Devon and Cornwall consumers. The schooner brigantine will contribute to raising public awareness on clean shipping and share its transitional vision of classical shipping as a way to protect our future and promote investment in modern tall ships. The products that the Tres Hombres will bring to Exeter will carry the Fair Transport label. It guarantees a 90% reduction in carbon emissions on shipping from the Dominican Republic.

Exeter Brewery's organic Avocet Ale will then be loaded on the Tres Hombres to be shipped to Brittany in France on the 20th of October where she is expected just a few days after leaving Britain. By promoting sail-transported products, with an exemplary carbon footprint, Devon and Cornwall, are looking after future generations, by turning to the ocean.


  • 14/15.10.2011: Arrival
  • 16.10.2011: Devon local caterers will be invited on board for a rum-tasting: selling CO2-free sailed Gran Añejo to their clients is a concrete contribution to promote this clean shipping approach.
  • 18.10.2011: A variety of nautical specialists and environmentalists will gather and journalists will be invited to a debate and a press conference with Captain Jorne Langelaan.
  • 20.10.2011: Departure for Brittany

The shipping industry is currently unequipped to cope efficiently with the challenges of the 21st century. In a context of oil depletion, giant container-carriers are struggling to curb their emissions. Soon they will simply run out of fuel. We are living in a world of cheap energy, but this will last only a few more years. After that, wind will take over. Facing hardships at sea is now part of a new clean shipping revolution; it also entails a vision of tomorrow’s tall ships. How will shipping undergo the energy transition? Will the oceans once again become insurmountable? Will we still be able to find curry, coffee or chocolate in our local shops?

TransOceanic Wind Transport and FairTransport promote the revival of sail shipping. The Tres Hombres is the symbol of this revival. She constitutes a first step that garners positive energy and proves transoceanic engine-free shipping is feasible today. We aim to speak to men and women who are aware of environmental and maritime issues and who are willing to support our approach.


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