May 8th 2013
  TransOceanic Wind Transport
  Natural wines shipped under sail open the route to London

Natural wines shipped under sail to London


TransOceanic Wind Transport (TOWT), together with RAW -the wine fair promoting artisan natural wine producers- and the French wine grower Olivier Cousin, has organised the shipping of 6 tonnes of wine on the “Michel & Patrick”, a 22-metre sailing vessel. On top of additive-free Olivier Cousin’s, S.A.I.N.S wines, and those destined for Sfuso Wine, Gergovie Wines, and Unpackaged, the vessel will also ship olive oil and salt.

Together with the crew, three young people from maritime colleges of Fécamp will be on board to encourage maritime values that boost team spirit, confidence and self esteem. Olivier Cousin will also be sailing across the Channel as well as TOWT’s founder, Guillaume Le Grand and Eric Liénart, a logistics specialist.

From the vine to the glass: made by nature, sailed CO2-free

If TOWT has already imported English organic products to France, this is the first time natural wines will be shipped under sail to the UK. A general coherence is sought between the production and the shipping, inspired by the natural philosophy of using the elements. Moreover, this journey will save about 230kg of CO2 and will introduce TOWT’s “Shipped by sail power – the carbon-neutral option” tracking label in the UK, on the occasion of RAW.

From Fécamp to Tower Bridge

Departing on May 13th at 4.30pm from Fécamp, it will take the “Michel & Patrick” about two days to reach Tilbury’s London City Bond, where most of the cargo will be unloaded. On Thursday, the 16th of May, the vessel will sail up the Thames to St Katharine Docks, underneath Tower Bridge, in order to deliver the samples bound for RAW. A press conference will follow with Isabelle Legeron MW, founder of RAW, Michael Emmett, from Traditional Charter on the end of working sail and Guillaume Le Grand on the future of shipping under sail.


  TransOceanic Wind Transport’s objective is to develop sailed shipping, anticipating energy transition at sea, to prove its viability and to promote a “shipped by sail” traceability label, so as to build modern cargo sailing vessels.



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