A real Blue Deal : acting by sail, now.
24 March 2020
The famous port of Le Havre – HAROPA welcomes TOWT
24 March 2020

Ethic Drinks jumps onboard TOWT’s future cargo sailing ships

The first "green" French wine trader chooses the realism of sail to decarbonise its shipments to America.

Ethic Drinks & TOWT
Ethic Drinks and TOWT join forces so as to ships organic wines under sail to New York, right as of the launch of the first Sailing Cargo Ship, early 2022.

The concrete partnership between TOWT and Ethic Drinks amounts for several hundreds of pallets yearly. It sums up in a common goal: promoting the ANEMOS certificate in North America, and, by doing so, coping with the major environmental and commercial challenge of our time.

Mickaël ALBORGHETTI, CEO & Founder, Ethic Drinks :

Transport generates the bulk of carbon emissions of the wine industry. We commit ourselves, as of today, to ship our wines by sail with TOWT, who offers the only credible decarbonised maritime logistical solution.

This is a really innovating and very tangible process; it will provide us with a real leverage of humanisation and differentiation of our produces, which practically trigger energy transition that our times require. TOWT, as first French sail cargo charterer, will offer frequent and reliable shipments which do not imply extra costs to our customers who really demand concrete alternatives.


Guillaume LE GRAND, president & co-founder, TOWT

Ethic Drinks' decision is really significant: it shows the vision and the courage of entrepreneurs who are fully aware of the impact that human activities have on the Planet. At sea, wind is the only energy which is largely abundant and predictable: sail offers the best yield to harness it and move large amounts of goods over long distances. Ethic Drinks have understood that fact, and jump onboard because they understand the course on which the world is heading. Decarbonisation will have to be real, practical and valuable, which is all that the TOWT's "Voilier-Cargo" offers.

Thanks to the ANEMOS certificate, Ethic Drinks plans to export its wines - which are so telling of a terroir, a region, an origin - in full maritime transparency, thus providing their American customers with all the information regarding their sail journey. As an "early jumper", Ethic Drinks will as of now regarded as a real partner in the next stages, and especially throughout the building phases.

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