Lun II

The ketch Lun II connects Brittany with the Antilles by sail.


Lun II is a Norwegian sailing ship, built in 1914! After more than a century of existence, the boat could have ended its life in Mexico but it was bought by Ulysses Buquen, now captain of the ship, who rebuilt her with volunteers. The ship sailed again in 2016, and it returned to Europe not before having stopped at Marie Galante to load rum, as well as in the Dominican Republic for coffee.

Technical information

Year of construction: 1914

Shipyard: Alesund, Norway

Rigging and Sails: Norwegian Galleon

Home port: Douarnenez

Length Overall: 20.76m

Beam 4.87m

Draft: 2.35m

Captain and Owner: Ulysse Buquen
Armand grément Lun II 2