A real Blue Deal : acting by sail, now.

TOWT, as the first French sail cargo charterer, is working on all fronts, by loading cargoes on existing sailing ships while preparing the next launch of a new generation of modern Sailing Cargo Ships.

As Ms. von der Leyen has presented her European Green Deal, which includes ambitious goals of emission and pollution reduction for cargo shipping, TOWT contributes to draw decarbonised perspectives for the near future. If 2019 carried its load of lessons learned and good news, 2020 looks promising in terms of open seas innovations.

Under sail… towards the future!

If TOWT moved about a thousand tonnes of cargo under sail, it should now be possible to do it… in a single shipment. TOWT promotes an environmentally-demanding strategy of sail main propulsion in order to launch a fleet of efficient, cost-optimised sailing cargo ships. With a sense of History, scientific reality, and a true environmental ethos as well as… large cargo-owners signed onboard, Smart Sailing Cargo Ship set sail this year as a radical, but also economically viable, realistic, reliable and tangible logistical solution.

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