On course for Madeira!

Lun II , the sailing ketch, prepares to leave the Portuguese coast to reach Madeira, then to Porto, before heading North to the Breton point and Tilbury Harbor (London).

Following an initial successful shipment to Bordeaux last March, new wine labeled Anemos of Operation « Phénix », Lun II, therefore leaves for the sea in a solid maritime framework, offshore and following updated trade routes in a carbon-free shipping logistics project.

The navigation of more than 3,000 nautical miles, planned between mid-June and early August, provides for the loading of more than 10 tons of Madeira and Douro Valley wines for Raymond Reynolds, who has been working with TOWT for 3 years, thus saving the atmosphere about 12 tonnes of C02.

Navigation programme:
  • 21/6 – Equipment of Olhão, Portugal
  • 29/6 – Funchal, Madeira – 2/7
    • Loading 4 tonnes of the « Baltimore » cuvée from Barbeito vineyards.
  • 12/7 – Porto – 18/7
    • Loading more than 6 tonnes of a special cuvée from Niepoort vineyard.
    • Loading biodynamic wines, portos and organic olive oils, under the Anemos certification brand.
  • 25/7 – Douarnenez – 31/7
    • Offloading goods bound for the French market (porto, oils, wines).
    • Participation in the Temps Fête sur Douarnenez! international maritime event whose theme is … sail cargo
  • 8/8 – Tilbury Harbour, London – 12/8
    • Offloading of Madeira and Porto wines, labeled Anemos, ready to be consumed with awareness in England.

Raymond Reynolds

Importers and distributors of wines from Portugal to the UK

What/who is involved (cargoes/growers) ?

A special bottling of Madeira from Vinhos Barbeito, made to emulate the original 18th century shipments to the Baltimoe, but in this instance to London by sail. A cuvée of a Mencia organic red wine from northern Portugal, specially crafted for this voyage by Rui Madeira, one of Portugals finest winemakers.

3) Why are you interested in sail as a logistical alternative (environmental/philosophical/marketing, etc) ?

Wind is an environmentally perfect resource. Enhancing this to re-enact an almost extinct way of trading cargo seems to make so much sense. It matches our ethos of sustainability and minimal environmental impact of our supply. Sail mariners are a committed and enthusiastic bunch, like the growers we work with. In  this way we make our contribution to re-establishing this as a noble profession it once was.
The weather influences many things and mariners and growers alike have to use their intelligence and ingenuity to successfully deliver good harvests! All this makes us appreciate better the rhythms of nature its wonderful complexity which shapes and provides.

Anemos: What is it ?

ANEMOS is the only transport label in the world that guarantees low carbon emmissions thanks to sailing boats by allowing you to find the source of their travels with a n° de voyage. The label is present on all products transported from all over the Atlantic, including Latin America, the Caribbean, the Azores or Cornwall. It will also leverage a sailing cargo vessel new build.

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