Voyage 174 – UK


Sail cargo label – code 174

This page describes the voyage code 174 : Bordeaux – Porto – Douarnenez – Looe

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You will find here the GPS track of all the products labelled 174. You will also find the logbook as well as the crew list.


All the products transported onboard Lun II during this journey are labelled 174. Lun II has mostly transported Porto wine. The two big orders for this wine came from Biocoop, a french distribution network of organic products, and
Raymond Reynolds a UK based wine distributor. The ship was also transporting cargo to be sold directly by TOWT : wine as well as olive oil..

Moreover, Lun II also transported 4 barrils of Château le Puy, exception wine that travels on Lun II for aging purposes.

Crew List

For this journey, the crew changed during the stopover in Douarnenez.

Bordeaux – Porto – Douarnenez

Crew list of the first part of the journey

Ulysse, captain
Ronan, Second in command

Douarnenez – Looe

Crew list of the second part of the journey

Jonathan, captain
Pierre, Second in comand

First part of the journey : Bordeaux – Porto – Douarnenez

You will find here the principal elements of the log book between the 12/06/2017 and the 03/07/2017

Departure on Monday the 12th of June around 8am. Going down the Gironde for about 12 hours. Sail hoisted towards the arrival in the Ocean, due to bad wind orientation, the ship had to tack several times to reach the Ocean. In the evening, the ship got out of the Gironde with sail only.

Tuesday 13th of June. Very early in the morning the wind turned and allowed the ship to sail broad reach, a point of sailing much faster and more confortable for the crew.
Dolphins came to visit the ship; they will come back almost every day.

14th of June. Wind slowed down during the night and the ship was alsmot stopped in the morning..

15th of June.The ship is still moving very slowly. The crew even has the chance to swim in the middle of the bay of Biscay.

16th of June. Cape Finisterre. Wind is back again, around 25knots and a regular swell are pushing the ship from behind.

Lun II and a sea as flat as can be

The entrance of the Douro, the river going through Porto.

17th of June. Around 5 am, the wind slowed down again. Lots of maneuver to mainain the speed of the ship.

18th of June. The ship is still moving at a relatively slow pace, however, the portugese coast is now very close. The engine is used for the last few hours before Porto, because the wind stoped completly. The ship enters the Douro during the end of the day and reaches Porto around 8pm.

19th of June. During this first day, the crew resupplies the ship. They also prepare the ship in order for her to be reay to receive cargo.The boom is lifted up the mast in order to use it to transfer cargo from the quay to the deck of the ship. Depending on the tide, the ship was between 4 to 8 meters in below the quay.

20th of June. The truck transporting wine for the UK arrives around 4pm. It carries a third of the whole cargo : 8 palets, that is 4800 bottles, or 800 boxes. The boxes are loaded on a palet, on which they are maintained by a fishing nett. They are hoisted using the boom and then brought down on the deck using the main sail sheet. The maneuver is complexe and requires the intervention from the whole crew.

21st of June. The crew is resting on this day, waiting for the arrival of the rest of the cargo.

22nd of June. The truck arrives around 9am to deliver the wine from Casal dos Jordoes, transported by TOWT for the french distributor Biocoop. The first boxes are loaded using the same method as the day before, then, with the tide going up, the crew was able to slide them on palets directly from the quay to the deck. The crew went to bed early this day, after a whole day spent to load the ship.

23rd of June. Early in the morning, the crew wakes up to clean the ship and get her ready for depature. After two loadings, the deck is a mess and everything needs to be properly attached in order not to move during the return journey. Everybody must make sure that no boxes will move as the ship will pitch.

Ulysse working on the loading of the cargo.

Even the dinghy is wind-powered !

24th of June. In the morning, the crew finishes the preparation of the ship. In the afternoon, the ship is ready and the crew rests.

25th of June. Departure is programmed for the next day. The crew get a day off.

26th of June. Everybody got up early for the departure. Around 1pm, the Lun II leaves towards Camarinas, in Spain, where she will be waiting for the proper weather window to leave. The eighty miles bteween Porto and Camarinas are traveled using engine power. Again, dolphins are visiting the ship.

27th of June. In the morning, the ship ancres in front of the harbor of Camarinas. The sailed-power dinghy allows the sailors to go on land, buy some supplies and visit the spanish village.

28th of June. The crew works on the ship the whole day, under a small rain. Small works are done, that are nontheless necessary in order for a ship like Lun II to properly sail.

29th of June. The weather still does not allow Lun II to leave. The crew waits in Camarinas and continues the small work on the ship. Some members are still sailing… In the dinghy ! Departure for Brittany is announced for very ealry in the morning the next day, the crew goes to slepp early.

30th of June. Around 6am, two sailors start hoisting the ancre while the rest of the crew prepares the
maneuver of departure. Time for departure ! As soon as she is out of the bay, Lun II is hit by a bad sea. Wind comes from the north and prevents Lun II from sailing directly towards Brittany. Having the ship going up wind and clause hold is tiring for the crew. With all its cargo, Lun II is heavier and most of the waves hit the deck. As the day progresses, the sea became less and less rough.

1st of July. The ship is following the cap 50. The sea is calmer and the wind has also slowed down. The crew also has the pleasure to discover its first catch : until now the crew had not catched a single fish, this night they had a tuna prepared by the captain for diner.

All sail hoisted !

Lun II and Fleur de Lampol

2nd of July. The wind has turned in the favour of Lun II, she can now follow the cap 20, that is directly towards Brittany, with confortable speed and point of sailing. The sea is also relatively flat.

3rd of July. During the morning, Lun II has the pleasure to be called on VHF by FLeur de Lampaul, an other traditional ship on which Ulysse has worked in the past. Both crew know each other and the ships decide to go towards each other. Since the wind slowed down drastically, Lun II turns on the engine. Both ships come next to each other and the crew of Fleur de Lampaul get onboard Lun II with their dinghy. It is also a good occasion to take some beautiful pictures of the two ships.
Lun II finished the journey to Brittany using both its engine and sails since the wind was still very light (for around 10 hours). It arrived in the harbour of Tréboul in the evening.

4th of July. With the 12 o’clock lock, Lun II gets inside the Port Rhu. Grayhound, back from Nantes, goes through the lock at the same time, both ship are next to each other in the Port Rhu.

Palets of Porto wine unloaded in Douarnenez
The logo of Biocoop, the distributor for whom TOWT transported the wine.

Second part of the journey : Douarnenez – Looe

Find here all the elements of the log book between the 14/06/2017 and the 18/07/2017

14th of July. Lun II gets out of the Port Rhu. The maneuver is difficult, because the new captain does not know the ship very well. The ship follows the Pointe du Raz and then gets in the Channel du four. Since the wind has slowed down, and to use the favourable tide, the captain turns on the engine..

15th of July. Around 5am in the crew stops the engine and hoists the sails. the wind speeds up in the afternoon, allowing the ship to maneuver easily in between the cargoes in the traffic separation scheme.

16th of July. The ship arrives in Looe and ancres in the bay. Lun II gets in with the tide at 11:15 am. At 11:30, the ship is in the harbour.

18th of July. After a day off, the crew unloads the cargo on the quay, under the direction of Raymond Reynols, the ditributor for whom TOWT transported the cargo.

The unloading in Looe

Bottles of Vino Douro, to be commercialized by Raymond Reynolds
Raymond Reynolds logo, the company for which Lun II went to the UK


The GPS track of Lun II from Porto to Looe

1500kg of CO2

have been avoided during this journey, that is more than 100g per bottle.


Portfolio du voyage

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