Du 15 au 19 octobre, montez à bord à Brixham !

Le navire de transport de marchandises à la voile  Tres Hombres arrivera à Brixham le 14/15 octobre 2011, chargé de produits qui ont traversé les mers sans avoir recours au moteur pour les consommateurs du Devon et Cornouailles. La bière biologique Avocet Ale produite par la brasserie Exeter Brewery sera chargée sur le Tres Hombres pour être transportée en France.

Montez à bord à Brixham! Informations et réservations (obligatoire) : info@towt.eu

The sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres will reach Brixham on the 14th/15th of October 2011 with commercial cargo from the Caribbean on board destined for Devon and Cornwall consumers. Exeter Brewery’s organic Avocet Ale will then be loaded on the Tres Hombres to be shipped to Brittany in France on the 20th of October.

By promoting sail-transported products, with an exemplary carbon footprint, Devon and Cornwall, are looking after future generations, by turning to the ocean.

BOOK NOW (mandatory) : 07722486995 – info@towt.eu for:

  • Rum tasting 16th oct. | 2 p.m

Devon local caterers will be invited on board for a rum-tasting: selling CO2-free sailed Gran Añejo to their clients is a concrete contribution to promote this clean shipping approach.

  • Round table on Clean sail shipping  18th oct. | 10 a.m

The Tres Hombres’ first stay in the UK is an opportunity to talk about shipping emissions and discuss about transitional solutions (Rob Hopkins, the world famous author of the “Transition Handbook” will attend the round table and a following press conference on the 18th of October at 10am). Other specialists will gather around Captain Jorne Langelaan for this talk.

  • Ship visits
  • Avocet Ale’s loading

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