Green stopover: « From Gallant » at Bordeaux

The schooner returns from it’s transatlantic for its first stop in the port of the Moon. The big sailing ship is back from the islands, for a decarbonised loaddrom the heart of the maritime vineyard.

Picture Copyright : Blue Schooner Company
The schooner « De Gallant » crosses the Atlantic and after a tropical winter, docked this morning at Ponton d’Honneur, in the heart of Bordeaux.

« Return of the Islands », four barrels of Château Le Puy and a barrel of Black Mountain whiskey come home. A biological cargo will be loaded before sailing north.

After leaving La Rochelle last November, the ship went to the West Indies, so Bordeaux is her first stop on the European continent.
Synonymous with the best vineyards, a maritime know-how and a sense of proverbial hospitality, Bordeaux welcomes the sailboats chartered by TOWT – Transport à la Voile since 2014, and it is a must stop for sailboat transport, both existing and future (Phoenix Class – Sailboat-Cargo).

Beginning this afternoon, the ship will be loading organic wines for the TOWT – Sailing Transportation distribution network.

This vortex transport is characterized, on each bottle, by the ANEMOS label, a real lever for promoting decarbonisation in maritime transport.

In the program :

« De Gallant », whose stopovers are « logistical » load this day and will depart tomorrow Friday, May 3 for a passage of Jacques Chaban-Delmas bridge at 17:30.

The schooner, from one estuary to the other, will then head to Nantes, where it is expected on Monday, May 6 for a comparable load, before heading back to the west for an unloading at Lesconil, then Douarnenez, the homeport of TOWT. Embarkations are available.

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