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What is it ?

ANEMOS, [ ἄνεμος ] wind in ancient greec , is the only transport label in the world which guarantee a decarbonnated sailing thanks to sailboats while offering you the possibility to follow the adventure of their trip. The label is on all shipped by sail products from all over the Atlantic, espacially from Latin America, the Caribbean Sea, The Azores and Cornwall. 

Who had the idea ? 

It is TOWT-Transoceanique Wind Transport which initiated the process. Now, it aim to reassert the value of traditionnal vessels thanks to its partnerships with sailing boats as Lun II, Grayhound and Avontuur

Why opting for the shipping by sail ? 

At a time where the respect of the earth is more and more preocupating, the label embodies a really added value on the impenetrable market of shipping. ANEMOS put back the environment and the human being at the center of transportation assuring you a service of quality and a carbon footprint drastically reduced.

How it works ? 

ANEMOS enables to identify eco-friendly shipped products thanks to the voyage number on each of them that you can input on this page. 

Which information can I find ? 

All the maritime, environmental and human datas as the product description, the GPS track, the sailing distance and the board diary, with anecdotes and photos can be relayed through the frame of reference of ANEMOS

The ANEMOS label, Shipping by sail : a guarantee of the monitoring of you product, from the root to the consummer. 


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