L’Avocet revient !

Le cargo à voile et sans moteur « Tres Hombres » est arrivé dans le Devon le 24 octobre 2014 pour y charger de la bière biologique “Avocet ale” à destination de Bretagne.

Parti du Helder aux Pays-Bas le 10 octobre, le “Tres Hombres” a fait escale à Stavanger en Norvège, d’où il a appareillé 17 octobre dernier à destination de Brixham dans le Devon. Attendu au Port-musée de Douarnenez vers le 3 novembre, le “Tres Hombres” entamera ensuite son sixième tour de l’Atlantique.

A Douarnenez, le “Tres Hombres” livrera plus de 5 tonnes d’une édition limitée de la fameuse Avocet ale et prendra en charge 12 barriques de vin qui partent pour un tour de l’Atlantique.

La livraison de bière, à titre d’exemple permettra d’économiser les émissions à hauteur d’environ une tonne de CO2

The “Tres Hombres”, Fair Transport’s brigantine, has reached Brixham for her fifth Devonian call to load Exeter Brewery’s “Avocet ale”. The organic ale cargo will be shipped by sail to TransOceanic Wind Transport’s warehouse in Douarnenez, Brittany.

Avocet – Devon’s Organic Real Ale

The “Tres Hombres” will load over 5 tonnes of organic ale. The Avocet Ale has been imported to France since 2011 by sail power only, and it is now well known in France for its unique carbon-neutral approach.

This shipping of ale by sail power will allow a reduction of the CO2 emissions of over one tonne.

The “Tres Hombres” is expected to call in to Brixham by Friday, the 24th of October (weather allowing). The British call of this unique ship, the only engine-less cargo vessel in the world, is part of her sixth yearly circumnavigation around the Atlantic.

Tres Hombres’ next ports of call will be: Douarnenez, Lisbon, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde, Belem, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Azores, Falmouth, Amsterdam.

after escaping storms on the North Sea
By Lea Sharkey | 26.10.2014

35 to 40 knots during 5 days… And the Tres Hombres made it from Stavanger, Norway, to Brixham, England, in a week, breaking records with an average speed of ten knots. Onboard, the crew valiantly kept on with the night and day shifts, tacking, steering for hours in the cold, hoisting or dowsing sails in case of sudden wind gushes, and extreme dish washing. Half of the crew have been sick and everything ended wet, except the cargo!

These days have been rough for the crew, with two storms passing by, including the rests of Hurricane Gonzales hovering off the Humber coast of England. Always ready to take down the outer jib, upper bob or royal, first sails to be dowsed in case of heavy weather, climb the 30 meters mast up to furl sails and protect them from dangerous flapping, trainees and permanent crew are eager to keep the schooner-brig at her best performance. Sailing means to be always being ready for the worst, reading the skies, rain clouds, or white ghosts at the horizon heralding violent gushes. But being together pulling on the ropes, helping for cooking in dangerous situations with the ship rolling back and forth, or just telling a few jokes at 4 in the night when taking the new morning shift is precious and here lies the true spirit of sailing cargo Tres Hombres: the deep and genuine solidarity of its crew.

Tres Hombres is now safely berthed in the fishing port of Brixham, drying up and resting for two days before going back to sea. The crew is ready to load 5400 bottles of Avocet Ale, a highly sought after product currently sold out on the other side of the channel. TransOceanic Wind Transport organises the shipping to France. Together with Tres Hombres and Fair Transport, TOWT focuses on CO2 free products, clean shipping and revival of meaningful maritime knowledge. The power of the wind is no longer to be shown: experienced skippers, enthusiastic crew and a fine vessel such as Tres Hombres brilliantly fulfil the mission of cargo shipping across the seas, and hope to convince citizens and responsible consumers around the world to commit as forerunners of a cleaner future.


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