Brixham – Brest

Arrivé le 1er juillet à Brixham, le Tres Hombres a été très bien accueilli dans ce port où il avait effectué sa première escale en octobre 2011. L’équipage a chargé sa cargaison d’ale biologique Avocet samedi 7 juillet. Les quelques 7 tonnes ont été rangées à bord en à peine une heure.

Avec un départ le lundi 9 au matin, l’arrivée est estimée à mercredi à la mi-journée à Brest.

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The Tres Hombres tied up on Brixham on 1st July, just about a week ago. We have been very warmly welcome ever since the beginning. Ask Paul, the harbourmaster, he will tell you. He may also tell you how the rum-tasting ended up…

Yesterday, on Saturday, we loaded our cargo of Avocet Ale destined for Breton clients. The drivers did a fantastic job maneuvering the lorry all the way to the Brixham marina pontoon. From the pallet to the trolley, the trolley down the pathway to the ship, from the trolley to the cargo hold – 600 12-kg cases or more that 7 tons – in one hour : efficient.

The Avocet ale is brewed in Exeter by the Exeter Brewery. It is organic and its label provides in French that it is shipped by sail only. Because there is no such thing as ale in France and because it is both brewed and shipped naturally, it has a certain success there.

Tonight Sunday, we are finishing to setting the Tres Hombres ready for sail. Leaving tomorrow around 1030, expecting 2/3 Beaufort of westerly wind, it should be nice. Estimated arrival on Wednesday by noon. See you in Brest?

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