New shipments arrived on the online store

Lots of ANEMOS tasty pleasures, transported by sail, in just a few clicks.

The TOWT-chartered boats came back full of new products : olive oil, flavoured teas and gins of all sorts, now available on the online store.

Since a few days and for your delight, new products are available on TOWT’s online store. In terms of food products, you will find online olive oil, that comes in various sizes : 75cl, 2L et 5L. Produced from olive groves in the sunny region of the north of Portugal, near Mirandela, it becomes quickly essential to compose and accompany your summer salads. In addition, it was created from the best olive varieties cultivated in the Tras-os-montes : Cobrançosa, Verdeal Transmontana et Madural. Organic, 100% natural and produced following the traditional methods of olive oil preparation, it’s now easily accessible from our online store, transported from the Portuguese coasts until France by the sailboat Lun II, in line with TOWT’s philosophy that promotes a marine transport with the lowest carbon footprint. Don’t miss the occasion then to make a delicious, fresh, fruity and sweet purchase that also is environmentally friendly and aware of the contemporary issues.

Velero, Aqua Detox, Vanilla Cloud, Janus Mint and Mellow Yellow
As you can guess, olive oil wasn’t the only addition to our online store. Returning from the Caribbean on the transatlantic route, Lun II stopped in the Azores to collect some green tea in the oldest and unique tea plantation of Europe, established on the hills of São Miguel island. In the field since 1883, this high quality tea is cultivated following the traditional techniques, free of toxic and harmful chemicals, and harvested by hand. Its unique flavour and its powerful antioxydant feature are mainly due to the quality of the Azores’ volcanic land. The plantation is currently getting the organic farming label and it will be certified as such in the spring of 2019. Afterwards, Vert-tiges and TOWT’s teams joined to develop a new tea range with the sailed Azores green tea. Flavoured using manual techniques and homemade by Vert-tiges, there is one for everyone’s taste : mint, vanilla, aromatic herbs, spices, lemon and ginger.
The last but not the least, the gins from the English regions of Cornwall, brought back to France by the Grayhound and its captains Marcus and Freya. It’s an exceptional gin, produced a few miles from Newquay, by the Atlantic Brewery in Treisaac farm, which is the site of the brewery, distillery and the certified organic smallholding where they grow their ingredients. Organic and manufactured from the best ingredients, locally grown and carefully selected, the Atlantic brewery is justifiably proud to be able to guarantee to its clients the highest standards for its gins. Therefore, in our stocks currently and via the web shop, you can enjoy the Blackcurrant, the Smoked green tea, the Jynerva and the Gorsedh and taste to the foggy and authentic flavour specific to the Cornwall regions. Don’t wait and come looking !

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