SV Lun II loads Portugal’s finest wine and Port

Sailed voyage to the UK saves over 1 kg CO2 per bottle

TOWT- chartered Lun II, original Norwegian galeas 25-m ketch, has loaded altogether 20 tonnes of of Porto and D.O.C Douro wines and olive oil in Porto, bound for the France and the UK. 

This is the first time TOWT will operate directly between Portugal and the UK, a long-prepared initiative developed with UK wine importer and distributor Raymond Reynolds. It is also the first time since the 19th century that bottled Port and Douro wine are shipped by sail directly to the UK.

Together with Biocoop in France, Raymond Reynolds have chosen a carbon-neutral way of transporting for their wines. Each bottle will be certified “Transporté à la Voile – Shipped by sail power” label.

TOWT Fleet
Incidentally, tonnes of Dominican cacao beans have just been delivered by SV Leenan Head, into Sables d’Olonne: Le cacao traverse l’Atlantique à l’ancienne [French]. The SV Grayhound Lugger is also a very important ship of the fleet across the Channel: Grayhound delivers under saila greener way of transporting cargo.

Currently moored in Porto, the Lun II is loading all day and will sail, weather allowing, on Saturday as a Southwesterlies are expected – which is ideal to make way to Brittany and Britain.

Producers, distributors as well as sailors are all committed to giving this project a sustainable future.

LUN II and TOWT’s 2017 crew

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