What’s up in TOWT ?

More than a hundred tonnes transported by sail, sailing routes and a fleet strengthened and on the horizon: the revolutionary Cargo sailboat.

At sea, right now

As the schooner « Avontuur » prepares to dock this weekend in Douarnenez, and « De Gallant » prepares for it’s next transatlantic crossing, the « Grayhound » has disemaberked its cargo after a very busy season.

The year 2018 is under the sign of renewal. In fact, whether it was the fire of last November or the ban on organic products in the Breton ports, our enterprise had to face some new challenges. Finding a deep force in these hazards, and following a successful Phoenix operation, in the spring, « Lun II » was able to load a full hold in Bordeaux and coffee and cocoa landed in Le Havre, while the « Channel Sail Routes » of the Cornish lugger « Grayhound » enabled to transport ales and resume a pre-Brexit carbon-free transport system.

Finally, since the trade winds are now established, the long-range ships return to their transatlantic crossings. « Avontuur » stops at Douarnenez this weekend, and « De Gallant » is readying for an ambitious schedule that, returning from the Caribbean and Central America, will be back in Bordeaux in the spring.

A commercial concept unique in the world

The douarnenist concept-store « Au Cul Du Voilier », one of a kind, located on the Port-Rhu, will reopen tomorrow, Saturday, October 20, for the holidays of All Saints, proposing winter prices! Gathering, in a few square metres, products originating from all the shores of the Atlantic, this small store receives its goods, from the Bay of Biscay, the Channel or from the other side of the Atlantic only by sailing ships. For those who are far away, they can always catch up here.

The guarantee of a carbon free sailing experience

The collective certification label of transport by sail, « Anemos », named after the Greek god of the favorable winds, affirmed itself during this year, with a significant commercial recognition of the Travel Numbers (which allow the final consumer to trace the navigation sailing, as well as its CO2 reduction index) on large batches of coffee, chocolates, wines, tea, olive oil or rum.

A new generation is really on the horizon

Announced as a reality during our participation in « Temps Fête », this modern and realistic alternative – said « Voilier – Cargo »- to the traditional sailing boats for a sail transport of the 21st Century benefits from the maritime experience of the structure and a work of development initiated in 2015. Milestones of the armament are posed, the objectives will be held. This ship, inexpensive, reliable, with efficient sailing, and adapted to the current needs of shippers will offer services labeled « Anemos », long-term and international transport.

The wind would blow … until the Bourbon Palace

Added to this context, a more political one with the current vote of the Finance Law 2019 in the National Assembly. Some MPs support the « carbon-free propulsion, such as sailing, as main propulsion energy » as a category of ships allowing a concrete solution for an energy transition on the seas. The political field being what it is, at the moment, we have to be patient.

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