Decarbonized navigation

By using the power of the wind to develop low-carbon maritime logistics, sailing transport creates prospects for economic development and innovation.  

Sailing is an advanced technological path towards greatly cleaner trans-oceanic transport:

  • - 90 % ​less CO2
  • - 98 % ​less sulphur oxides
  • - 92 % ​less nitrogen oxides
  • - 100 % ​less methane
  • Less disruptive to marine life.

Wind, a reliable offshore resource

  • Inexhaustible / abundant 
  • Predictable 
  • Efficient

Sailing makes the best of it

  • Sailing provides the best return to exploit it.  
  • The most concrete lever to decarbonize maritime transport.

90% decarbonisation

The carbon footprint of a sailing
 sailing cargo ship : 
less than 2g/km/T transported

** depending on the route

By 2025, TOWT guarantees :  
  9,600 tonnes of CO2 saved each year from and to Le Havre. 
72,000 tonnes per year of goods switched to low-carbon transport.

The carbon footprint of a container ship: 20.2g/km/T transported** 
**according to ADEME for a ship between 1150 and 3500 TEU

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