A unique local presence

As a Le Havre-based company born in Brittany, TOWT has an industrial and economic impact on the region. The building of a cargo ship represents a major order from the French shipyard Piriou with French service providers (Barillec, Merforte, Incidences, etc.).  

It also means the creation of a hundred jobs (on land and at sea) by 2025 in Normandy and on the Seine axis. 
Through the "LHSPC" (Le Havre Smart Port City) label granted to TOWT at the beginning of 2021, the city of Le Havre recognises the economic, social, technological and environmental interest of our sailing cargo ships.  

We  have signed a number of strategic agreements with  HAROPA as part of the Environmental Shipping Index initiative. The establishment of TOWT in Le Havre would not have been possible without the various local players who have supported and accompanied us over the past year, and whom we would like to thank.  

Le Havre Seine Développement has thus played an essential role in facilitating our installation. HAROPA PORT welcomed us by providing us with offices and is now facilitating our future positioning i n the heart of the port of Le Havre.   

Le Havre Seine Métropole supports us in a concrete way by incubating us to accelerate our development, through our LHSPC label. 

We also wanted to thank YOUWI and the Business Angels of Le Havre for the quality of the welcome we received. They gave us access to the professional and financial network of Le Havre, as well as the local dockers' union.  

The crew

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