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Belco is a family-owned and independent company founded more than 10 years ago that specialises in the sourcing of green coffees and their distribution in Europe. Belco has a unique approach to its business and mission, based on improving the quality of the coffees it offers with the aim of creating added value for both its suppliers (the producers) and its customers (the roasters).
Belco is committed to TOWT transport by sail, to transport a part of its coffees by cargo ship from 2022 to reach at least 50% of its total volume in 2025, i.e. 4000 tons.
Ambitions for 2025: at least 50% of the total volume of its coffees transported by sail.
“​Making transport more sustainable is a necessity, not a sales argument or a communication action. You don't always have to calculate everything as an entrepreneur, it's just our responsibility, a business decision that should go without saying, that’s final.” 

Alexandre Bellangé, Managing Director

A return to the roots, to see further ahead. 

If Christopher Columbus disembarked in 1493 a few metres from the Domaine du Marquisat de Sainte Marie, today the headquarters of the LONGUETEAU distillery, more than 500 years later, it is for reasons of energy and ecological transitions that transport by sail is reviving the place. 

The only distillery in Guadeloupe that is 100% self-sufficient in cane - which is used to produce one of the most prestigious rums in the French West Indies - decided, as soon as the first cargo ships were launched, to use low-carbon maritime transport for all of its rums and goods     

An integrated approach: a rum for centuries to come. 

On the outward journey, between Metropolitan France and Guadeloupe, the bottles, barrels and other materials required for the smooth running of the distillery will be transported by sail. Then, "on the way back", in partnership with the Maison de l'Hédonisme, LONGUETEAU rums will be sailed on board TOWT's cargo ships to the European coasts. Thus, with cane produced around the distillery, and a drastically decarbonised transport, LONGUETEAU rums will have an impeccable carbon balance.     

A rum that assumes its maritime identity Each bottle of LONGUETEAU rums will be labelled ANEMOS and everyone will be able to find the best agricultural rum in the world accompanied by a travel number showing its maritime journey by the force of the wind alone.   

« ​At the Longueteau distillery, the environment has always been at the heart of our concerns, the durability of our know-how being on the one hand inseparable from the sustainability of our agriculture and on the other hand fundamental for the preservation of our quality requirements. The development of our distillery and the distribution of our rums, in particular with the Maison de l'Hédonisme, are intrinsically linked to the relationship we have with the Metropolis. It has been observed that this maritime relationship is fundamentally carbon-based today. Dependent on giant container ships, it contributes to global warming and has no alternative perspective of long-term environmental sustainability. From this strong dependence and awareness of the impact on the climate that this type of transport generates, and from our relationship with TOWT, we have made a radical choice: to make our production travel by sail. As soon as they are launched, we will entrust our goods to TOWT's Voiliers-Cargos, and their partners, on their regular routes between Metropolitan France and Guadeloupe. Moreover, sailing between Europe and Guadeloupe is part of our history, so, several centuries later, enhancing the maritime history of this sailing route through the ANEMOS label, allowing us, and our customers, to trace the route of our vintages, becomes a real challenge to raise awareness among our partners and consumers. We are delighted to be among the early jumpers and look forward to the next stages of construction, launching and outfitting.» 

Francois Longueteau, CEO

Ethic Drinks is the first "green" French wine merchant. The company is certified carbon neutral and has the B Corp label.
Ethic Drinks is committed to shipping 440 pallets of wine and spirits from Le Havre to New York between 2022 and 2024 on board the first TOWT cargo ships.
“​Shipping generates the largest carbon emissions in the wine industry. We are committed to shipping by sailboat with TOWT, the only truly carbon-free shipping solution, today. This completely innovative and hyper-tangible approach will provide a real lever of humanisation and differentiation to our products, which thus initiate the true energy transition of our century. TOWT, the leading French operator of cargo sailboats, offers frequent transport that does not entail additional costs for our customers, who are genuinely looking for concrete alternatives. ” 

Mickaël Alborghetti, CEO & founder

Pernod Ricard's prestige subsidiary has been committed to responsible approaches and practices for several years now.

Promoting the transport of these prestigious products by sail also means promoting an internationally renowned heritage and know-how. 

From the vineyards to foreign consumers, via the cellars and wineries, Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët's distant deliveries will henceforth be drastically decarbonised.  

 “​By partnering with TOWT, we are determined to support our goal of reducing our environmental impact in terms of transport. We are proud to be able to concretely deliver on this promise with the help of TOWT and its innovative cargo sailboat proposal, a truly effective green solution.” 

César Giron, CEO of Martell Mumm Perrier-Jouët

The Drappier family estate, located in Urville, created in 1808 but whose cellars were built in the Middle Ages, works with old grape varieties according to the principles of organic and natural wine. The Domaine Drappier continues to follow this path by decarbonising its champagne exports to New York.

In 1965, it was a Drappier Pinot Noir cuvée that seduced General de Gaulle for his family's consumption at Colombey-les-deux-Eglises. He was one of those who loved Drappier Champagne for its assertive character.   

A family history  

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