Our story

More than an environmental comittment, decarbonising maritime transport is our raison d’être

O ur mission since 2011 is to decarbonise the shipping industry, using the wind drill for a more coherent, less hydrocarbon-dependent and cleaner means of transport. As the main force of propulsion, wind creates leverage for economic development in trade and enables a real energy transition to meet the challenges in the climate and energy sectors. TOWT’s raison d’etre unites the company, its employees, its shippers and its investors through combining ecological, economic and human development

What TOWT has already achieved:

10 years  of experience in chartering existing yachts which foreshadows the change of scale.  

More than
1 000 000 € 
of revenue generated with 18 chartered yachts.

More than
1 000 000 €

(grant €700K 2015/18 and Serie A 2019 €790K) in detailed design studies R&D.

More than
1 000 000 
products transported and certified Anemos.

From January 2023 thanks to sailing cargo ships:

18 000 tons 
per year of goods switched to low-carbon transport

direct jobs created.

Order for 4 ships  
from French shipyard  

2 400 tons of CO2 will be saved each year from and to Le Havre.

Key milestones until 2026:

A unique local presence

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