A cost-effective and competitive offer:

  • Lead time close to transit time thanks to dedicated transport (reduction in operating time)  
  • Incremental fleet allowing a higher frequency  
  • Freight rates not pegged to the price per barrel for long term stability.  

A good shipper:

  • A commercial speed of 10.5 knots  
  • 1,100 EPAL pallettes capacity  
  • 1,000 tons capacity - 6 hour loading/unloading  
  • On-board loading equipment  
  • On-board organoleptic quality monitoring system (LACOE)  
  • Controlled and ventilated environment

Flexible layout:

  • Single product ship or hold  
  • 6 holds,  c an be separated    
  • From packages to hundreds of pallets, a tailor-made transport

Goods secured against theft and damage :

Sealed holds 
Dedicated and secure warehouses on the quayside 
No external storage of cargo 
Partnerships with port authorities and police   ​ Seizure
Pallet securing 
High stability control through intelligent ballast system   

Shipments on board the cargo ship :

Automated and on-board organoleptic quality monitoring system (LACOE)
100% environmental control through ventilation and  separation of the hold s.  

Dynamic ageing

The result of environmental factors such as wave height, slow temperature changes, humidity, air pressure and salinity, barrel interactions etc. accelerates ageing and enhances aromatic notes.   
The barrel is kept at sea temperature by an intelligent and connected cellar on board.  

Our passenger offer

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